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Precision Air Conditioning                   

Airedale’s Precision Air Conditioning range is designed for a wide range of applications where high precision air conditioning is essential, such as data centres, medium and low density server environments, telecom switching stations, medical operating theatres and clean room environments

SmartCool™  - (16-233kW)                              

Chuongmy.comNext generation, high efficiency unit providing precise, reliable climate control. Choose from 150 downflow models, 8 system types, in 10 case sizes.



EasiCool™   -  (6kW – 64kW)

Excellent value, easy to install, modular package; ideal for small computer rooms & critical applications. An extensive 374 models in DX & Chilled Water.





AlphaCool™  - (8kW – 101kW)

Ideal for high-tech environments, delivering performance & reliability. Choose from 102 models, 5 case sizes in DX, chilled water & free cooling.